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Offers an ultra-modern appearance. With slim, sleek frames, allowing more natural light into a room making it appear larger and feel brighter.

Resilience – although strong aluminium is lightweight and holds larger panes of glass compared to other window materials. Extrememly durable giving you windows that will last for years to come.

Energy Efficient – With a thermally broken profile, insulation is quickly boosted – with higher insulation you can say goodbye to those draughts and hello to lower bills.


Virtually maintenance free – aluminium frames won’t rust, corrode or fade and are so easy to look after your frames will look pristine year round.

Available in a range of standard and none standard colours including metallic, dual colour , textured and anodized effect finishes. Regardless of your taste and style there will be something for you.

High Security – with effective locks to provide maximum security.

Environmentally friendly – aluminium is recyclable and our manufacturers follow rigorous recycling processes as well as doing their best to reach Net Zero.

Here at Capital we are able to provide aluminium installations for Residential, Commercial or Educational purposes. Our on site fabrication team can provide bespoke shapes to fit your every requirement so why wait? Contact Us now!